Testimonials: Newcastle Clinic

"I was impressed from the first visit at the knowledge that Kevin possessed, from my condition to my treatment. The techs were always pleasant and helpful. The office staff was great to do all they could do to accommodate my schedule.I am appreciative of the fact that I could not pull a drawer open without pain when I came in and now I am working hard everyday without that pain."

Kerry Kendrix

"When a chiropractor fractured my sister's back I became fearful and quit going myself. My friends kept encouraging me to go to PT Central. Having had some PT before, to no avail, it was difficult to convice me. They kept insisting I try PTC and reflected how much it helped them. Exhausted from all the pain, I was finally conviced to go.

Seeing is believing! The results were phenomenal. I cannot tell you the difference RaeAnn and Josh have made in my life. I have degenerative disk, osteoporosis, and arthritis. Two years ago I also fractured my back with a fall. After a week in the hospital and 6 weeks in a brace, my doctor prescribed PT for my pain. I was thrilled I was still able to have physical therapy. I immediately called PTC. I am happy to say I am 72 years young and still dance and enjoy life. Thanks to Jehovah, RaeAnn, and physical therapy."

- Fern

"I am a grumpy old man and I don't like pain. After a few treatments the pain was less frequent and less intense. I was able to sleep more. The treatment was working! After seven weeks I have "graduated" from PT Central. I still have some pain and exercises to do at home but thanks to Dr. RaeAnn and her wonderful staff, I am much better. I have been around health care delivery for more than fifty years. I have received PT following a spinal injury, knee surgery and shoulder surgery; but this was different. Every time I came to the clinic I felt "special" not just the "torn muscle" patient. EVERYONE in the clinic was professional and caring. Thank you, Dr. RaeAnn, for what you and your staff did for me and also for what you do for all your patients.

- Charles

"In a time when good customer service seems to be a thing of the past, it is refreshing to visit a place like Physical Therapy Central. After spending the last several weeks in what would otherwise be a not so fun requirement of my orthopedic doctor, exercise and strengthening. RaeAnn, Kevin and the whole staff at Physical Therapy Central made it a relaxing, enjoyable time. I was always greeted and called by my first name, there laughs and smiles everywhere,and it seemed as though your people actually enjoyed what they were doing. It will be my pleasure to recommend Physical Therapy Central to everyone I come in contact with in need of PT, but most of all I just wanted to say, 'Thank you, Thank you, Thank you'!"

- Tony

"I was rolled into Physical Therapy Central in February 2009 in my wheelchair just hoping to get some movement in the right side of my body. In the middle of March, I began walking with a walker despite the doctor's doubts and, in April, I walked into therapy with a walker and walked out with a cane.

As for my quality of life, Physical Therapy Central has played a huge role in giving that back to me. In April, I also returned to something I'm passionate about and that is hunting. I successfully shot a turkey and that is something I thought I would never enjoy again. I am now looking forward to many more hunting trips.

Thanks PTC for your belief in me, your persistence and giving me a part of my life back!"

- Jerry

"To anyone who might be considering PT Central of Newcastle, you could not pick a better place to begin recovery. The therapists are great! RaeAnn, Josh and Janie are professional in every sense of the word. But more than that, they are compassionate to all their patients. Thanks for all you have done for me."

- Pam

"I highly recommend Physical Therapy Central to everyone I know. They have one of the best professionally trained staff and treat you like family. They are patient oriented as well as academic field instructors for many colleges and are active in the physical therapy profession both on the state and national levels. I can honestly say this is the best group of therapists I have ever had the privilege of knowing."

- Tammie